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Boston’s Banq Restaurant : Amazing Restaurant Interior Design – Article by

This restaurant has been designed by Office dA the Banq Restaurant is located in Boston. Now this restaurant has a very unique design, and I’m pretty sure that every guest will remember this restaurant design, and of course talk about it. The wall and ceilings were decorate using wave element made from unique pieces of three-quarter-inch birch plywood adhered together in a scenario that likens to a puzzle; only one possible location for each unit, formulating the continuous member. Below the ceiling, the functional aspects of a dining space are fabricated with warm woods and relaminated bamboo amplifying the striping affect already at play throughout the space. Striations of the ground, the furnishings, and the ceiling all conspire to create a total effect, embedding the diners into the grain of the restaurant. Office dA managed to bypass any structural problems and create a very beautiful space out of an abandoned building. This is a great example of how inspired design can create a silk purse out of a sows ear.

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