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Modern Beach house interior design inspired by the ocean – Article by

Beach house by

If you’re in the market for a new exotic beach locale to fall in love with, this is the house. Located in Phuket, a city famous for its spectacular beaches and world-class scuba diving, its ocean views will leave you drooling. But, the modern interior design by architectural studio A-cero takes things to the next level. By playing with colors and shapes, designers Joaquin Torres Arquitectos and Rafael Llamazares have found a way to have the beach’s waves relax you inside and out. At there are various other architects who designs villas and beach houses. Check out their designs

Front elevation of beach house by

The hotel’s complex is comprised of ten villas. Two rooms of which were designed by A-cero. The rooms stand side-by-side and share a sizable pool. Both are intentionally shell-shaped to remind visitors of the sea. Arquitectos and Llamazares explain their architectural design choices as follows:

“Both [villas] play with each other and we tried to achieve the opposite interior design between them. In the first room, the vertical lines flow introducing into the sight of the visitor. In the second room the curved lines move horizontally embracing the space around. It is a game of vertical and horizontal lines that wrap the space. Looking for the ‘ying & yang’ and different sensations for each other.” 

This level of attention to detail continues in the interior as well. Each piece of furniture , including a head bead that is sculpturally attached to the ceiling, features heavily curved lines in order to mimic the waves that are just steps away. Additionally, they are all made of a high quality polycarbonate to minimize the appearance joints and painted a white color to maximize the reflection of natural light. Not that light is likely to be at a shortage since both the dining area and master bedroom offer floor to ceiling windows that show just how close the villas are to the sand.

A-cero’s desire to let nature dictate design extends beyond the guest rooms. Aziamendi, the hotel’s 3-Michelin-Star restaurant, is a glass box that’s meant to allow diners to fully immerse themselves in the beauty of their surroundings. The painstakingly-designed wood panels used for the ceiling to simulate the movement of waves and to highlight the motion, the floor has been designed with light wood while the ceiling is dark wood. Even the restaurant’s chairs have been upholstered in a specific shade of light green velvet to mimic the local vegetation.

With this level of care put into choosing the interior design elements, just imagine the customer service. Are you ready to pack your bags and head to the Iniala Beach House? 

Bathroom Design of beach house

Pool side of beach house

Bedroom design by

bedroom interior design

Living room

Rear elevation

Restaurant design


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