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Family Beach House Architecture – Article By


Front Elevation of a villa by

The collaboration between Horst Architects and Aria Design led to the development of Rockledge Residence, an imposing family beach house perched atop a spectacular ridge in Laguna Beach, California. The owner’s brief requested a relaxed beach home for both the family and guests, as well as an optimized indoor-outdoor connection. Accepting this challenge, the project developers envisioned a main residence and a detached guest house, built around a series of connected courtyards. At you find various such architects and interior designers who design such magnificient villas

Swimming Pool view of the villa by

All inner spaces of this family beach house were designed in a minimalist style and extensive use of glass facilitates a smooth room transition. According to the architects, “materiality and formal choices were informed by a desire to root the structure into the site. Indoor and outdoor living is orchestrated by balancing views with privacy, communal space with intimacy. Rockledge is a place of meditation where one can contemplate the ocean and sky“.

Elevation of the villa by

Rear pool side by

Seating by the sea

Living Room Area

Living Room Area

Fire side living room

Bar area and kitchen

Bedroom by the sea

Modern Bathroom design


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